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Founded in 2012, AWRA HIJABS has grown into one of the UK's leading online hijab stores with a fast growing international customer base.

Our small team here in London is dedicated to providing a range of hijab materials at affordable prices. We keep our prices low - not because our items are of cheap quality, but because we want our customers to have quality items at just the fraction of the average retailing price. 

Our aim is to provide the best products and service for all our customers.

We always love to hear back from you and we are always ready to help with any queries or feedback.

Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms - We love to hear from you!

A sincere thank you to all our loyal customers for all their love and support in making AWRA HIJABS the online store it is today.

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AWRA HIJABS LTD registered number: 10662592

Gilmoora House, 57-61 Mortimer Street, London W1W 8HS (This is not a returns address)
Registered in England. 
VAT Registered number: 249266380